For patients, non-operative care is often the first course of treatment for those suffering back pain. A combination of non-invasive treatment measures including physical therapy, physiatry , pain management and alternative medicine is used to reduce pain and increase mobility. This plan for care is also used to assist in managing issues frequently associated with back pain, such as sleeplessness or depression.


Early use of non-operative care will speed the healing process. The length of time that non-operative treatment will be required varies greatly from patient to patient. That's why our team of spine specialists carefully monitor each patient throughout their course of treatment. Patients are referred to consulting physicians for some of the services below.

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He completed his medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX and his Orthopedic Surgery residency at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, IN. He is pleased to announce the opening of his office on Park Ave, in Manhattan, NY.

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